TOURISME La Ferté-Bernard
between MAINE & PERCHE

The return of ‘La Velue’

Episod 1 – 25th May 2019

STRANGE and DRAMATIC event at la Ferté-Bernard today ! During St Lyphard festival a child of eight years old was eat under the bridge near to the Tourist Office !!! His boat was found very damaged and covered in blood. Terrible noises and grunts were heard, fire and smoke were seen, a child howl and then nothing… Policemen and Sir Reveau, mayor of la Ferté-Bernard, want immediatly solve this unexplained facts and inform you. Be careful and get connected !


Episod 2 – 26th May 2019

The INVESTIGATION progresses and the mythological creature would be the cause of the latest events. SURPRISE this morning at La Ferté-Bernard. After the strange phenomeon, a discreet messenger tagged population advisory wrote by the Mayor. THE VELUE IS COME BACK – BE CAREFUL !!! signed ‘The brotherhood of la Velue’.
Would that be THE VELUE that threatens to back haunt our rivers ? Therefore, would it not be a legend ? Legend or not, worrying events have taken place and the secret society ‘The brotherhood of la Velue’ try to communicate with us. Pay attention and get connected….


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