TOURISME La Ferté-Bernard
between MAINE & PERCHE


Cultural Heritage


The vocation of the Folk Museum found in this remarkable situation of the old priory is to pass on and safeguard the rural heritage of the Perche. It shows us ethnic view of the percheron region from XIX century to 1960’s. Moreover, all year long the museums offers the temporary exhibition, the different activities, workshops, courses and conferences.


Address : Le Prieuré 61130 SAINT-CYR-LA-ROSIERE

Schedule :
On Monday :10h30 - 17h30
Tuesday :10h30 - 17h30
Wednesday :10h30 - 17h30
Thursday:10h30 - 17h30
Friday :10h30 - 17h30
Saturday :14h - 17h30
Sunday :14h - 17h30

Phone : 02 33 73 48 06

Website :

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